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"There is a Power for Good in the universe greater 
than you are and you can use It."
 – Ernest Holmes

Licensed Practitioners

Tammy Tittle, RScP, Prayer Min. Chair ........  405-213.3454

Rev. Dr Peggy Farris, RSt D ........  405-203-0284

What is a Science of Mind Practitioner?
The Science of Mind Practitioner is one who has a deep realization and conviction of the abiding harmony at the center of everything, and is devoted to facilitate this awareness in others. 

What is Spiritual Mind Treatment?
Spiritual Mind Treatment is the healing of the mind, body, and experiences through the use of Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative Prayer.


Affirmative Prayer is the art and science of consciously aligning our thought with Divine mind so that perfect action can flow freely. It is seeing beyond appearances to the Truth of our Being, and allowing us to experience the Truth.

The alignment is not done to or for the client, but through the practitioner. Affirmative Prayer creats an atmosphere in which the Presence of the Spirit is experienced within consciousness, causing a change in life experiences.

May I Consult Other Professionals While Working with a Practitioner?
Yes. We believe God or Spirit works through all channels for healing. A client may work with a physician, attorney, psychologist or any other professional. 

How Do I Work with My Practitioner?
Make use of the Ministry of Prayer by making Prayer Requests.

Prayer request forms are located on the foyer table at the church, in the monthly newsletter and through the prayer request page at this site. Requests are placed in a confidential box and handled by the practitioners.

Visit with a Practitioner on duty after the Sunday Celebration Services.

Make an appointment with a Practitioner for a full session: During this time together, the Practitioner meets with the client in a format somewhat similar to a counseling session in a safe, comfortable space. The Practitioner listens to the client’s concerns and assists the client gain clarity and awareness.

After discovering the mental cause of the situation, the Practitioner uncovers the Spiritual Principle involved in the healing. Thus the client gains a new perspective and receives support by accepting the Truth of his or her Being. A spiritual Mind Treatment is done for the client. Suggestions for affirmations and meditations are often made in order to encourage the client's continual growth and spiritual unfoldment.

The work of the Practitioner is a professional service. Suggested fee is $35 per session. Consult with your Practitioner if other arrangements are necessary, as services are never denied due to inability to pay.

Science of Mind. A philosophy, a faith, a way of life

Science of Mind philosophy explains that the effects of life (what we perceive in the physical world) are the results of a mental cause (what we think or believe at some level). Through compassionate listening and dialogue, a Practitioner can help discover the mental cause behind discord. Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer) initiates a new mental cause, changing discord and disorder to peace and harmony.

Practitioners work at the level of spiritual consciousness. We do not profess to know all the answers, nor do we attempt to ‘fix’ any problems. We apply spiritual principles to human concerns and affirm that through Divine Right Action, all needs are met.

United Life Spiritual Center Practitioners have completed 3 years of training and have met all of the licensing requirements of the United Life Church.

Practitioners are licensed professionals. We observe the same laws of confidentiality that all counseling professionals observe.

United Life Center for Spiritual Living - Licensed Practitioners
Please call the church to contact a Practitioner 
(405) 946-6753


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