Meet Our Ministers

Our Senior Minister

Rev Lin Nowicki

 Hello, Oklahoma! Hello, United Life! I am feeling so blessed to be welcomed into this beautiful church family. I am feeling so blessed to step up and step into my new ministry with you! Science of Mind reminds us that we are all practitioners. Some of us, after years of training and study, become Licensed Practitioners, but all who apply this philosophy and practice these Principles in the lives we're living are indeed Practitioners, right? Likewise, while I've been called to be your Senior Minister, I can truly say we're all ministers. We're all minis-tering to each other as we love and serve our friends within this spiritual community, and as we love and serve the world in everything we think, and say, and do; in every interaction, in every arena of our lives. So that's my call to all of you - to all of us - right now: We're in this together. We're looking forward to the amaz-ing possibilities that lay before us. We're shining a bright and beautiful light, and together we know that light's getting bigger and brighter every day. It's the light of joy, of wholeness, of prosperity and well-being. It's the light of loving ourselves, and our neighbors, and the world. It's the light of knowing how to have fun and take pleasure in who we are and what we're doing about it. We are United Life, and it is good! And so it is! 

 Love and blessings, Rev. Lin

Our Assistant Minister

Rev. KC Frost

Rev. Karen Frost is the assistant minister at the United Life Center for Spiritual Living in Oklahoma City. Currently, she works as a case manager at Sisu Youth Services, a homeless shelter for youth that is LGBT+ affirming. She is also the co-founder and senior minister of Spirit Uncensored, an organization centered on the concept of love as a religion. On January 1st, 2021, she launched #BestDayEverMovement, a social media movement designed to inspire everyone to live each day expecting to experience the best day ever. Prior to Oklahoma City, Rev. Karen served as a TV Creative Executive at JuVee Productions, Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s production company in Los Angeles. At JuVee, Rev. Karen developed TV projects told from marginalized perspectives. Examples include WILD SEED, being developed at Amazon and HOUSE OF CHOW, in development at HBO. She also worked as an office PA on THE FOSTERS and as the associate producer on THE PEOPLE’S COUCH on Bravo and JOB OR NO JOB on Freeform. 

Rev. Karen Frost

Our Music Director - Joan Ackley


Sunday Mornings

3332 N. Meridian
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: 405.946.6753 

Guided Meditation 10:30am

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Celebration Service 11:00am

Life, Love and Music with
Rev. Lin Nowicki & Joan Ackley, Music Director

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