Practitioner’s Corner, by Rev. Dr. Peggy D. Farris, R.St.D.

From Peggy's Desk
Ernest Holmes writes about how an artist feels toward beauty, “for beauty is an invisible essence, an all-pervading, all-penetrating something that cannot be adequately expressed in words but only in thoughts.” 

The requirements for this invisible essence called beauty are to engulf our-selves in that something that only thoughts express. Oklahoma sunsets are multicolored, billowing clouds, and streaks of light raying through them as beacons of splendor. I invite you to catch a sunset on a cloudy evening. Pick out the colors and name them. Appreciate the Essence of Love that allows us to enjoy them.

We are all artists in different ways. The first categories we think of are painting or drawing. However, take this description a bit further. 

Let's begin with the definition of an artist. When I looked up ‘artist’ on my computer, part of the description was, “a person skilled at a particular task or occupation. 'a surgeon who is an artist with the scalpel.' 

An artist is a person that creates something well. Cake decorating, gardening, decorating a home, cooking a meal, sewing, or a hairdresser, writer, dancer, salesclerk, and the list continues. If everyone examined their lives, we would discover many artistic abilities. We create something that begins with our thoughts.

Take a few minutes to see what you have a genuine interest in doing and examine your artistic abilities. There is something in everyone's life where we are eager to get back to the task and enjoy seeing the result. It could be as simple as pulling weeds from our flower bed and seeing how much better it is to see flowers that had hidden within those unwanted growths. 

There is a story of a king with two servants who wanted to gain a particular piece of land, so he sent both servants out to examine it. The first one returned, saying, “you do not want that land. It is full of weeds, rocks, and bare hills. It is worthless.” The second servant returned after checking out the same land and told the king. “That is perfect land. Wildflowers are covering the hillside. A few boulders of all colors are perfect for reclining when a person is tired. And the beauty of the sunset over the bare mountains absorbed golden light that is inspiring.” 

We find what we search for. Life can be work at times but let us take the time to enjoy the creation where we live and take part in creating.


Rev Dr Peggy D Farris, R.St.D.


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“The Riches of the Abundant Universe invite me to partake of their goodness and I accept and receive them with Joy!”
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