United Life Toning and Mediation Circle

* Toning in your own voice is a very powerful tool for self-healing, relaxation, personal growth, opening creativity, and helping to balance life experiences. Toning is the elongation of a note or tone using breath and voice. Toning is a great aid:

  •  If you have a difficult time getting still enough to meditate 
  •  If you desire higher states of consciousness 
  •  If you have trouble listening, focusing or being in the present moment. 
  •  If your communication energy center seems blocked
  • If you breathe too shallowly 
  •  If you need stress relief
  • If you're depressed
  • If you need more confidence or zest

Several of us like to stir up that vibrational energy in a toning circle with the community of United Life Church and friends the

Second Sunday of each month 5:30-6:30 p.m.


* If you have a singing bowl or a free-note keyboard, bringing it would be appreciated. Our Toning Circle will have at least 3 instruments to play.  However .... to create your own “healing tones” you need simply to remember how to use the most incredible instrument God ever made, which is you!  When we sing or chant in natural ways, the Inner Spirit is energized & brought forth - exactly what will be encouraged at Toning Circle!

When we sing or chant in natural ways, 

 the Inner Spirit is energized and brought forth. 

 Exactly what will be encouraged at Toning Circle!


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Celebration Service 11:00am

Life, Love and Music with
Rev. Lin Nowicki & Rev. Dr. SuZ Ogden, Minister of Music 

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