Practitioner’s Corner, by Rev. Dr. Peggy D. Farris, R.St.D.

From Peggy's Desk;
I walked along the sandy Waikiki beach on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Waves rolled in and gradually retreated as if the ocean breathed with life that repeated in a hypnotic rhythm. The sounds of the power in the sea mesmer-ized me. Sometimes, I have a song locked in my mind, repeating the tune continually in my thoughts. Words get stuck there, too, and we often don't realize we filed them in our memory.

The air smelled like salt water, and a lonesome call of the seagulls chimed in with the deep roar of the waves. Seashells, pulverized by the pounding of continuous waves, mixed with sand locals had dumped along the beach. I stood beneath the outdoor shower beside a retaining wall. It allowed me to wash sticky shell particles from my swim-ming suit.

I couldn't tell the pulverized seashells from the sand by observing; I felt the result on me as I rubbed my swimsuit. Every word and sight that we experience sticks with us. We don't notice those experiences attaching to us as they take their spot in our brains for later retrieval. When we listen to music with unkind or unsavory words, they stick inside our brains, ready to emerge when we need to express ourselves. 

Watching, listening, speaking, and experiencing words and events shape our lives in more ways than we know. Ernest Holmes said, "it is little wonder that having discovered the inward authority of the Divine Presence, Jesus like Moses called others to follow him proclaiming a way of life and truth." Jesus said, "He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he also do, and greater works than these shall he do."

There is power in nature and behind winds. I saw waves in the shallow parts of an Oklahoma lake. Whitecaps lapped against the banks. They are minuscule compared with the pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Sharks Cove on the North Shore of Oahu, with swells that may be 30 or 50 feet high beginning the end of October or early Novem-ber until the end of March. However, rhythmic waves of all sizes relax us and give us peace. 

I can remember how it felt to walk on the beach because I've been there. I can remember sitting beside an Okla-homa lake, walking on a windy day, feeling the rain on my face, sticking out my tongue to catch snowflakes, running to dodge a hailstorm, or sitting in a safe room as a tornado destroyed my home. Those memories live in me forever, just as all our words, visions, and actions do. 

We may need to be re-programed. We can start building our library, brain bank, and safety deposit brain box with clear, enlightening, inspirational feelings of sight and sound. Reject the negative input and recalculate our mental GPS to take us to new and exciting adventures. Understand that all our experiences live within us forev-er. 

Let's "accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative" by allowing honorable, hopeful feelings, words, and visions to be our input. Then our output will benefit.


Rev Dr Peggy D Farris
, R.St.D.


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