What's So . . . for Now . . .

It has been said, “a new broom sweeps clean.” Generally, this phrase holds up under scrutiny. Yes, unlike a fresh new broom, an old broom is generally smelly, ragged around the edges, mildew-ridden, with bristles missing or broken down with wear, and incapable of really getting deep in the corners or a room to effectively get the dirt out anymore. So, fresh as the strong new straw of which it is made and with new tightly sewn string to hold it securely together the new broom is attached to a brightly painted handle and off to market it goes where we buy it to do its job of cleaning even the dirtiest of places in our homes, garages, places of business, etc. Wherever it is needed, it is used to push dirt, or spilled liquids, trash, leaves, refuse of all sorts until we once again have things the way we want them. Clean, fresh, ready for guests, the holidays, or whatever we are up to for the need we have to get things in order.

Isn’t it strange how some things we thought were so important some time ago are not so important anymore. Out they go with whatever the “new broom” is able to assist in moving that stuff to the trash heap. Sort of like “life” itself as we go along this magnificent pathway. We keep and polish some things. We let go of others. Some ideas are good and we keep them. Some go the way of the things once thought to be so important.

We are embarking on some new ventures in this fourth year of the “new broom”. We have new classes, a new Inspiration Line (405) 604-0744 that will be changed each week as my schedule permits. We will be graduating four from our affiliation with Emerson Theological Institute this year. All four are already ordained ministers seeking the next level in their ministries. We can proudly and happily oblige them with the needed academically earned credentials this fall.

And so “It” goes. We are blessed. We are getting things in order. We have already accomplished much in three years.

We are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image and likeness of God. Our light is not hidden and we shine brightly wherever we go. We do Live the Life of God in all we think, say and do in every way, every day, And so It is!!!

With another year and another broom, I am . . .


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Life, Love and Music with
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What the Mystics Have Taught


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“The Riches of the Abundant Universe invite me to partake of their goodness and I accept and receive them with Joy!”
-- Ernest Holmes